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eor David was born to Israeli parents in New York City, where he was raised and currently resides. His father, Moshe z"l, was a famous drummer in Israel in the late 1960s. Leor is a self-taught, "by ear" multi-instrumentalist. He began playing piano at the age of five, guitar a few years later, followed by drums, bass guitar and other instruments. He was drawn to his Jewish roots from a young age and is a Ba'al Teshuva, having become fully observant in his early teens.

   Recording on a cassette tape recorder throughout his childhood, it wasn't until his late teenage years that he acquired his first multi-track recorder and began his obsession with professional audio engineering & production. As time passed and technology progressed, his recording equipment, instrument collection, performance and production skills also grew and he began working on his debut album "Gates of Redemption"; a project that is a result of many years of work.

about "gates of redemption"

  To effectively repair a broken world, one must focus within. The blemished individual cannot perfect the collective. But where to begin?

Gates of Redemption is a concept album that attempts to answer this question with a guided journey through four Gates. First, without Faith, there is nothing! He who does not truly believe that the Creator will redeem mankind thereby rejects his own essential purpose. Upon developing complete faith and yearning in anticipation of the fulfillment of the Creator's promise, we then proceed to deepen our sense of Gratitude for the endless blessings He bestows on the entire world. A father is more-easily forgiving to the thankful son than to the unappreciative one.

Ark Sihouette - White.png

   This brings us to the third gate: Repentance - the great transformation emanating from pure, heartfelt resolve. As we accept the yoke of the kingdom of heaven, in merit of the immaculate faith of the murdered & burned, and the binder & the bound, we arrive at the true Redemption (of the individual & the collective), as well as the revelation of the truth of the divine unity. On that glorious day, G-d will be one and His name one. The great Shofar horn will sound across the entire earth and we will once again praise our Creator with our many instruments on the rooftops of Jerusalem - Hallelukah!​

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