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Leor David was born to Israeli parents in New York City, where he was raised and currently resides. His father, Moshe z"l, was a famous drummer in Israel in the late 1960s. Leor is a self-taught, "by ear" multi-instrumentalist. He began playing piano at the age of five, guitar a few years later, followed by drums, bass guitar and other instruments. He was drawn to his Jewish roots from a young age and is a Ba'al Teshuva, having become fully observant in his early teens...

"Gates of Redemption"

This years-in-the-making project is a first of its kind in the field of Jewish music. Fusing numerous genres of contemporary styles, it is an emotive work - a concept album that tells a story arranged in thematic chapters - four Gates, leading the listener through the process of growth in Faith, Gratitude & Repentance and, ultimately, through the climactic transition and arrival at the great Redemption of mankind, as well as the individual’s personal redemption of self-reflection, resolve and a passionate bond with the Creator. The result, with G-d's help, is an intense spiritual experience meant to arouse an inspirational awakening.



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